Who is The Pocket CMO, and what does he do?

Greg Chapman is a merchandising, marketing and business operations veteran. A C-Suite level executive with a track record of over 35 years of accomplishments and operating experiences – both strategic and hands-on, tactical execution.

His career spans leadership roles at companies such as Provide Commerce, Sears, The Sharper Image, SkyMall, Shop NBC, and Best Products, in addition to leading a full service digital marketing agency.

He created The Pocket CMO to help your brand identify and develop customer – centric growth strategies that drive your business.

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How Does The Pocket CMO Add Value?

The mission of the Pocket CMO is to inspire and assist The C-Suite in finding new ways to address their target customer’s needs, and grow their business.

Unlike other agencies or consultancies, The Pocket CMO team has sat in your chair - we help companies find new paths for growth by:

  • Focusing on a value proposition that differentiates the brand.
  • Developing customer experience strategies that address the customer’s needs.
  • Breaking these strategies down into measurable components that will drive success.
  • Helping you align your Leadership Team and organization from Vision, Mission, and Values, to delivering on your Brand Promise everyday, to every customer.

Why You Need The Pocket CMO

We help senior business leaders and executives in businesses of all sizes, answer these questions:

  1. Do you have a clearly articulated and understood vision for your brand?
  2. Are your leadership team and the employees aligned to the brand vision?
  3. Who is your brand’s most valuable customer segment?
  4. How well do you understand the needs, wants and motivations of your most valuable customer segment?
  5. Does your brand’s value proposition differentiate you from the pack?
  6. Have you created the optimal consumer experience that delivers against the value proposition?
  7. Do you have a clearly defined customer acquisition, activation and retention strategy?
  8. Do you continuously optimize your paid, owned, earned media and content strategies?
  9. Have you identified and aligned around the critical success metrics?
  10. Do you have a culture that continuously strives to exceed your customer’s expectations?

The Pocket CMO Approach

The Pocket CMO practice focuses on the unification of three critical components necessary to compete in today’s experience economy - Customer Experience, True Brand Differentiation, and an Aligned, Results-Focused Culture.

  • The Pocket CMO also engages with excellent third parties – service providers that have been selected, vetted, and managed in prior roles and engagements, to deliver results.
  • The Pocket CMO is not a typical consultant. I’ve sat in your chair. I interact with your team. I get stuff done.
  • The Pocket CMO provides real, credible, differentiated, strategic recommendations and guidance that is clear, achievable, and the result of previous experience and success. My primary targets are industries (and their CEO’s & CMO’s) that have been disrupted and now have to re-think their brand value proposition in light of a new competitive set and service or commerce imperative.
  • I will work with Brands, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Marketers, and Agencies of any and every size.
  • Contact me today, for a complimentary discovery session.

Experience matters, get started today!

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